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Mbale Resort Hotel

Mbale Resort Hotel

Mbale Resort Hotel is a deluxe five star hotel located at the heart of Mbale town (215 Km or approximately 131 miles from Kampala). All of Mbale's famous landmarks including the Elgon Ranges, the historic Rocks precinct, Mbale Opera House and the beautiful Botanic Gardens (see google map below)are within a walking distance from the hotel.

Accommodation details

Mbale Resort hotel can accommodate up to 93 individual guests.  As the WMF16 is expecting to host about 250 participants, the hotel will be in charge to accommodate participants in neighboring hotels (Mt Elgon Hotel and Wash&Wills Hotel).

Mbale Resort Hotel’s standard room is equipped with a Satellite TV, Internet Wifi, Coffee and tea-making facilities. Others services in the rooms include a dresser and easy chair, air conditioning, hair dryers, bathrobe and sleepers. Only the presidential suit is equipped with a Jacuzzi. The hotel’s restaurant is big enough to host more than 250 guests and a spacious garden for cocktail or any other event.

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